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Youngjin Jung is Co-Chair of Kim & Chang’s antitrust and competition law practice. Dr. Jung has significant experience in all areas of antitrust enforcement in merger control, international cartel and abuse of market dominance (including abuse cases of major global technology companies) in major industries such as the technology and IT sectors. He also leads the firm’s international trade practice (including trade remedies, WTO/FTA and sanctions).

Dr. Jung was a visiting professor at Duke Law School and an adjunct professor at Georgetown Law School and Seoul National University School of Law. He has served as a Non-Governmental Advisor (NGA) for the ICN, and has served as an Officer of IBA International Antitrust Committee and a member of the International Cartel Task Force at ABA Section of Antitrust. He has also worked as the vice-chair of the International Antitrust Committee of ABA Section of International Law, and was President of the Korean Society of International Economic Law (2018-2019). Dr. Jung is a founding member of the Asia-Pacific Competition Community (APCC), and currently the vice chair of APCC’s international cartel committee.

Dr. Jung was a legal advisor for the Korea-US/Korea-EU Free Trade Agreement (FTA) as a member of various advisory boards of the Korea Fair Trade Commission and the Korea Communication Commission. He has also participated as a member of the Korean delegation in the OECD competition committee and the WTO Working Party on Interactions between Trade and Competition. He is a registered arbitrator at the World Bank’s ICSID Arbitration Panel and the Korea Commercial Arbitration Board and is also currently a registered panelist at Korea-US FTA’s dispute settlement body. He worked as an executive member of the IBA Trade and Customs Committee. He also worked at the International Trade Ministry and is the current president of the Korean Society of International Economic Law.

Dr. Jung has authored numerous articles on competition law and international trade, including an ABA Treatise entitled “Competition Laws outside the United States” (co-authored, 2011); “Cartel Enforcement Worldwide” (Cambridge University Press, 2009); “How Far WTO Should Reach into Income Tax Policies” (Journal of International Taxation, 2005); ABA’s Handbook on Antitrust in Technology Industries (co-authored, 2017); and “How Intellectual Property Rights Interact with Competition Law and Policy in Korea: QUO VADIS?” (Journal of European Competition Law & Practice, 2018). In 2021, Dr. Jung published an article in the Korean Journal of Competition titled, “Lina Khan: ‘The Theory of the End of Antitrust History’ and the New Brandeis Movement.”

He has been consistently listed in The International Who’s Who of Competition Lawyers, The International Who’s Who of Business Lawyers and Chambers Asia-Pacific. He has also consistently been listed as a leading lawyer in WTO and International Trade in Chambers Global, Euromoney, and Who's Who International of Customs and Trade lawyers. He was also noted as a leading expert in Technology, Media and Telecommunication by Euromoney.

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Adjunct Professor, Seoul National University School of Law (2021.9.-2022.8.)

Chair of the International Committee, Asia-Pacific Competition Community (APCC) (2020-Present)

Working Group Officer, International Antitrust Committee, IBA (2016-Present)

Member, International Cartel Task Force Committee, ABA Section of Antitrust (2019-Present)

Non-Governmental Advisor, International Competition Network (ICN)

Vice Chair, Korea Competition Law Association (2022-Present)

President, Korean Society of International Economic Law (2018-2019)

Member, Special Committee on Ethics of the National Assembly (2015.1.-Present)

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Panelist, KOREA-US FTA Dispute Settlement Body (2014.10.-Present)

Adjunct Professor, Korea National Diplomatic Academy (2012)

Kim & Chang (2009-Present)

Legal Advisor of Ministry of Public Administration and Security (2008-2010)

Member of Legal Advisors, Korea Communication Commission (2008-2010)

Adjunct Professor, Georgetown University Law Center; Visiting Professor at Duke University School of Law (2008)

Arbitrator of World Bank ICSID Panel (2007-Present)

Member, Public Information Review Board under Office of Prime Minister (2007-2010)

Member, Cartel Advisory Board of Korea Fair Trade Commission (2004-2009)

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Yulchon (2004-2009)

Judge Advocate (1994-1997)

Representative Activitiesshow

  • Leading Lawyer, Who’s Who Legal: Competition (Who’s Who Legal, 2022)
  • Global Elite Thought Leader, Who’s Who Legal: Thought Leaders Global Elite - Competition (Who’s Who Legal, 2022)
  • Thought Leader, Who’s Who Legal: Thought Leaders - Competition 2022 (Who’s Who Legal, 2021)
  • Leading Lawyer, Asialaw Leading Lawyers, Competition/Antitrust (Euromoney, 2013, 2018, 2021-2022)
  • Leading Individual, The Legal 500 Asia Pacific: Antitrust & Competition (Legalease, 2019-2022)
  • Highly Regarded, IFLR1000 (Euromoney, 2020)
  • Leading Lawyer, Who’s Who Legal: Korea, Competition (Who’s Who Legal, 2019-2022)
  • Leading Lawyer, Who’s Who Legal: Korea, Trade & Customs (Who’s Who Legal, 2019-2022)
  • Distinguished Practitioner, Asialaw Leading Lawyers: Competition/Antitrust (Euromoney, 2020)
  • Leading Lawyer, Leading Lawyers 2017: Antitrust & Competition (LegalTimes, 2017)
  • Competition Expert, Who’s Who Legal: Competition 2017 (Law Business Research, 2016-2017)
  • Leading Individual, Chambers Asia-Pacific, Competition/Antitrust (Chambers and Partners, 2014-2022)
  • Leading Lawyer, Who’s Who Legal: Trade & Customs (Who’s Who Legal, 2013, 2015-2016)
  • Leading Individual, Chambers Global, International Trade (Chambers and Partners, 2011-2013)
  • Leading Individual, Chambers Asia-Pacific, International Trade (Chambers and Partners, 2010-2013)
  • Best Lawyer, Expert Guide: Telecommunication, Media and Technology (Euromoney)
  • Best Lawyer, Expert Guide: International Trade (Euromoney)
    • Lina Khan: ‘The Theory of the End of Antitrust History’ and the New Brandeis Movement (the Korean Journal of Competition, Vol. 208, 2021)
    • The Guide to e-Commerce & Digital Competition Law - 1st edition (Co-author, Law Business Research, 2019)
    • The Law Reviews - The Dominance and Monopolies Review: Korea chapter (Co-author, Law Business Research, 2017-2018)
    • Year-in-Review 2017 (Co-author, ABA SIL International Antitrust Committee, 2018)
    • How Intellectual Property Rights Interact with Competition Law and Policy in Korea: QUO VADIS?, Journal of European Competition Law & Practice, Vol. 9, No.4 (2018)
    • ABA’s Handbook on Antitrust in Technology Industries (Co-author, ABA Book Publishing, 2017)
    • The Dominance and Monopolies Review (First Edition): Korea chapter (Law Business Research, 2013)
    • 2011 Antitrust Year in Review: Korea chapter (Co-author, ABA, 2012)
    • Competition Laws outside the United States (Korea Chapter) (American Bar Association, 2011)
    • What to do with the Dilemma facing the State of Necessity Defense under the Investment Treaties and How to Interpret the NPM Clause?, The Journal of World Investment & Trade Vol.12 No.3 (Co-author, The Journal of World Investment & Trade, 2011)
    • The KFTC’s Foray into the Intersection between Competition Law and Intellectual Property Law: A Path Towards Convergence or Divergence?, Antitrust and Intellectual Property (Competition Law International, 2011)
    • Anti-Cartel Enforcement Worldwide (Korea Chapter) (Cambridge University Press, 2009)
    • Competition Laws outside the United States (Korea Chapter) (Co-author, American Bar Association, 2009)
    • Competition Law and Practice: A Review of Major Jurisdictions (Korea Chapter) (Co-author, Cameron May, 2009)
    • Abuse of Market Dominance in Korea: Some Reflections on the KFTC’s Microsoft Decision, Legal Issues of Economic Integration (2008)
    • Extradition and Mutual Antitrust Assistance Treaties: Cartel Enforcement’s Global Reach, Antitrust Law Journal (Co-author, 2008)
    • A New Kid on the Block: Korean Competition Law, Policy and Economics, Competition Policy International (Co-author, 2007)
    • The New Economic Constitution in China: A Third Way for Competition Regime, Northwestern Journal of International Law and Business (2003)


    Yale Law School (LL.M., 2000; J.S.D., 2003)

    Passed the Higher Civil Service Examination on Foreign Affairs (1996)

    Passed the Higher Civil Service Examination on Government Administration (1996)

    Judicial Research and Training Institute of the Supreme Court of Korea (1993)

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    College of Law, Seoul National University (LL.B., 1991)


    Admitted to bar, Korea, 1993; New York, 2001


Korean and English


  • Newsletters KFTC’s Annual Report to the President Emphasizes Due Process, Free Market Competition and Protection of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Consumers 2022.08.18
  • Newsletters Developments Regarding Denial of Refunds for Digital Game Content 2022.07.18
  • Newsletters New Administration’s National Agenda on Fair Trade and Implications 2022.06.27
  • Newsletters New Administration’s Economic Policy Direction – Antitrust and Competition 2022.06.21
  • Newsletters Cabinet Passes Amendment to FFTA Enforcement Decree 2022.06.07
  • Newsletters KFTC Announces Appointment of Standing Commissioner Soo-Hyun Yoon as New Vice Chairperson 2022.06.03

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