Teaching Job Personal Statement - Guide with Example (2023)

Teaching Job Personal Statement - Guide with Example (1)

Get to know how you should draft a powerful personal statement on teaching. Experienced personal statement writers have shared some pro tips in this post that should prove beneficial to you.

On reading this article on personal statement on teaching, you will understand the principles of writing a successful personal statement for teaching jobs. We have shared some best practices that can help you succeed.

This post will clear the doubts of applicants who need to draft a personal statement for teaching job. In case you have any query at the end of the post, feel free to convey the same to us.

Table of contents
Write Your Teaching Job Personal Statement in 7 Steps

Format of the Personal Statement for Teaching Job

Example for Personal Statement for Teaching Job

How to Use the Samples

Tips From Experts

Mistakes to Avoid

What is Personal Statement for a Teaching Job? Why Does it Matter?

Personal statement for a teaching job is a customized document that you need to submit while looking for a new job as a teacher. A well-crafted personal statement for teaching job articulates the personal qualities of the applicant, justifying why the person wants to become a teacher.

So, if you are keen to understand what is a teaching statement for a job application, it’s a document that demonstrates how suitable you are for the role. So, your application should concisely highlight your skills, experience, qualification, and commitment to the profession.

A powerful personal statement on teaching can help you qualify for the job at your dream institute. When you get your personal statement for a teaching job professionally crafted, the experts would include relevant examples and information in it to boost your chances of selection. In a competitive world, this statement would help you bag a job at a reputed school.

How Does Look Like a Great Personal Statement for Teaching Job

A successful personal statement for teacher job should be tailored to match your profile. Whether you are drafting a personal statement for teaching assistant job, primary teaching, or as an initial teacher, it makes sense to have professional hands to get it drafted. The tone, pitch, language, and format of this document go a long way in demonstrating your competence.

A personal statement for teacher needs to demonstrate the passion and enthusiasm for teaching. The write-up needs to be original, and carry specific examples to point out how good you are at interacting with the learners and training the aspirants.

A well-structured personal statement on teaching can significantly leverage your chances of getting selected. The selection committee would get to know your experience and potential to make a difference in the learning environment.

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What Should You Add to Write a Well-structured Personal Statement for Teaching Job

Writing a personal statement for teaching job calls for experience, creativity, and diplomacy. Depending on your professional profile and the expectations of the institute you are applying for, you need to choose the elements and include them in the personal statement.

Here are some of the key elements that can strengthen your personal statement for a teaching job.

  • Any prior knowledge about the school or institute, including visits to the organization and your professional preparation to work there
  • An overview of your skills with relevance to the training course, special training, and subjects covered
  • In case you are just applying for your first teaching job, mention your dissertation, degree, and research projects based on the classroom
  • Under your teaching experience, mention the subjects covered, age groups you taught, and your strategies to manage the classroom
  • Include specific examples to demonstrate your tactics of planning classroom lessons, and monitoring and assessing the outcome of the aspirants
  • Explain your individualistic strategies to manage the behavior of the students
  • In a section, include your vision about teaching and your professional goals
  • Focus on your key policies to make education more effective for the aspirants
  • Include relevant details about your prior teaching experience and mention how you evolved as a teacher
  • You might mention your leisure interests in your personal statement for teaching assistant job if they add value to the document
  • Focus on your interaction and involvement with children during summer camps and running clubs

Write Your Teaching Job Personal Statement in 7 Steps

While writing personal statement for teaching job, make sure to follow the recommended guidelines. Sometimes, the aspirants run out of ideas and want to know how to write personal statement for teaching job. We have explained the best practices that can help you draft a successful personal statement for a teacher’s profile.

Read on to know how you should write a personal statement for teaching program.

Customize the document:

Make sure to customize your personal statement on teaching for the specific job you are applying for. A generic approach wouldn’t work under competitive environments. Closely pay attention to the job description, relevant skills, and what the position demands.

Experience and education:

The best personal statement for primary teaching should include relevant details related to your experience, education, and special training. Even though you mention these details in your curriculum, you need to contextualize your skills considering the new job profile.

Your motivation:

In this segment, mention your motivation to teach students. This should be a creative section in your personal statement. Explain how you got started with the profession and why you love transferring knowledge.

Why you are the right applicant:

Your personal statement proforma should be strategically drafted to demonstrate why the institution should select you. So, explain how you plan to contribute to the learning environment. Talk about your skills in mentoring students and vision about the opening.

Demonstrate your personality:

A personal statement for a teaching job shouldn’t be like your CV. Make room to demonstrate your personality, using the right language and tone. You can spice up your personality by tailoring it for the university or school you are applying for.

Make it concise:

Brevity is the key to success when it comes to writing a successful personal statement. This ensures that the readers would find it easy to locate the important facts. Avoid fluff and write to the point.

Editing and proofreading:

Your personal statement on teaching should be grammatically accurate and flawless. Once you complete the document, make sure to edit and proofread it for possible mistakes. An error-free personal statement would create a positive impact on the selecting committee.

Format of the Personal Statement for Teaching Job

Structuring and formatting your personal statement on teaching goes a long way in making the document presentable. The right format also articulates your aesthetic sense.

Here’s how you should format a personal statement for a teaching job.

Compelling introduction:

It is the introductory paragraph of your teaching personal statement that hooks the readers till the end. So, make sure to come up with something compelling and unique to demonstrate your individual teaching style.

Furnish requested information:

It would be prudent to furnish the requested information in your personal statement on teaching early. So, take the opportunity to mention the facts and details, contextualizing them with the rest of the information.

Your approach to teaching:

In this part of the personal statement for a teaching job, explain how you have shaped your approach to make the learning process effective for the students. Write on how you value feedback and adapt to individual curriculums in different institutions.

Explain what makes you different:

In this part of your teaching personal statement, demonstrate your unique traits and skills. This is one of the most crucial aspects in your document that can give you an edge over others.

Interests outside the classroom:

Make sure to write about your activities outside the classroom that has a connection to your profession. So, your personal statement on teaching should include relevant details on your volunteering activities and participation in skill development programs.

Your knowledge of the institute’s ethics:

Before you conclude, mention what you know about the culture and professional ethics of the target institute. Demonstrate how your profile matches the work environment. In this section, your personal statement should explain your understanding of the academic environment there.

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Example for Personal Statement for Teaching Job

Here’s an example of personal statement for teaching job that will help you understand how you need to draft these documents.

Over the last ten years during my teaching career, I have largely focused on my career progression. It is out of this aptitude that I am applying for a teacher in Philosophy at your esteemed organization. Channelizing my innovative teaching methodologies, skills, and experience, it would be a gratifying experience for me to make a difference in the academic institution. I largely strive to make the learning process enjoyable for the aspirants. Therefore, before teaching students, it’s imperative to understand their psychology and perceptions about the subject. At times, teachers need to tactically break pre-conceived notions of the students that might prove to be a hindrance to their knowledge-acquisition process. With this approach to knowledge imparting, I look forward to working as a teacher at your institution.

I have completed my Master’s program in Philosophy, besides undergoing a special course in teacher training to sharpen my skills. Having worked in three institutions over the last ten years, I have developed my own way to impart knowledge. This experience has significantly helped me interact with the learners and adapt to their learning methodologies. As an enthusiastic teacher, I am keen to feed young minds with valuable doses of learning. I am confident that my experience and teaching methodologies would perfectly sync with your institutional ethics.

I feel gratified to have experienced a significant and eventful career as a teacher. I have enjoyed every moment of my teaching life uniquely, imbibing the necessary competence to shape my career. I have been an ardent learner of the area of my interest. It was out of my motivation to channelize knowledge to others in this domain that I decided to venture into teaching. During my leisure hours, I focus on mastering scientific ways to impart knowledge to others. This has bestowed me with a refined knowledge on acquiring relevant skills and support the pupils. Thanks to my interpersonal skills, I can seamlessly communicate the core ideas to the other end. I understand the value of communication when it comes to a career in teaching. While focusing on my core competencies, I also prioritized my soft skills like interaction, organizing things, and communication.As a teacher, I believe in the principal in equal distribution of knowledge. On a personal level, I have adopted certain teaching methodologies that ensure a holistic progress for the entire class. I understand that not all the learners are gifted with the same level of intellect to grasp fresh knowledge. Being patient, I take time to help them individually, so that they can understand my lessons. This ensures that no student feels deprived or left behind in the class. Considering the abstractness of the domain of my expertise, Philosophy, I believe that every learner needs to acquire relevant knowledge and stay at par with others. With my unique way of teaching, I ensure that all the aspirants can equally progress in my class.

In an effort to streamline my approach to teaching, I have been proactive in different community care programs. Back in 2014, I completed a course in a residential care home, where I got the opportunity to talk to the residents. It was amazing to learn their childhood experiences. Although this program has no direct link with the teaching profession, it refined my abilities to approach people. Now, I can channel the same set of newly acquired skills when I address a new batch of students. Through consistent efforts, I have strived to make myself trustworthy, confident, and approachable.

Now that I have been in the profession for more than a decade, I believe that I am ready to shoulder the noble responsibilities at your esteemed organization. With this opportunity, I look forward to refine the academic environment at your esteemed organization with my skills and experience.

How to Use the Samples

Well, you have gone through the personal statement for teaching job example, and now you probably have a better understanding on how crisp and concise you need to be. You can reach out to us for other teaching job application personal statement examples as well.

As an applicant, you can derive some inspiration from our personal statement teacher sample. However, we highly recommend you not to use these documents, or any similar idea in your new personal statement. We have already written these statements for our successful clients. So, once you have gone through the personal statement for teaching job application examples, you can share your individual ideas with us. The professional writers working with us would be glad to draft a unique personal statement for teaching to help you.

Make sure not to copy any detail from our samples, as it would result in plagiarism. Ultimately, your application would be rejected when you submit a copied or inspired personal statement.

  • You can read the samples and choose the desired template or format
  • Simply convey your requirement to us after reading the examples
  • You might also request us to write in the same tone or language as in the samples
  • Aspiring teachers often follow our format and adhere to the same word count

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Get Pro Tips From Our Experienced Writers to Develop Your Personal Statement

Following the guidelines of experts who provide personal statement writing services ensures that your application would be strong and convincing enough. A self-written personal statement for teaching position would not be sufficient, as you lack experience in drafting these documents.

Here are some pro tips from the seasoned creative professionals working with us. With these guidelines, you can write an impactful personal statement.

  • Unless the institute provides you with specific information, don’t write more than two faces of an A4 page
  • Customize the personal statement on teaching as per the principles and policies of the target intuition
  • Go through the provided guidance, as many academic institutions want the personal statements to be in a particular format
  • Focus on your core skills and unique strengths with respect to the job role
  • To back your claims up, provide particular and relevant examples in the personal statement for a teaching job
  • Edit the document and proofread it extensively to weed out all sorts of format, syntax, grammar, or factual error
  • Be specific about the information you furnish, as there’s no scope of ambiguity in a successful personal statement for teaching

Don’t Ever Do This in Your Personal Statement for Teaching Job

Applicants often commit mistakes unknowingly while writing a personal statement for teaching position. These mistakes occur primarily due to their lack of expertise and knowledge of this art. So, you need to scan the document for these mistakes and submit a good personal statement for teaching job.

As an applicant, you would want to keep your personal statement free from mistakes.

Here are some of the common mistakes to avoid in your personal statement on teaching.

  • Including irrelevant information or personal details
  • Making the information repetitive
  • Copying text from other sources
  • Failing to tailor your personal statement
  • Writing in the wrong tone and pitch
  • Selecting inappropriate words
  • Overlooking presentation and formatting

Which Teaching Positions Require the Applicants to Furnish Personal Statements?

Here are some of the common teaching positions that require a personal statement.

  • PGCE primary personal statement
  • Personal statement for School Direct
  • Experienced teacher personal statement
  • PGCE personal statement
  • TESOL personal statement
  • Teacher training personal statement
  • Personal statement university lecturer
  • Secondary School Teacher Personal Statement
  • UCAS teacher training personal statement
  • Personal statement for teaching assistant job
  • PGCE chemistry personal statement
  • English teacher personal statement
  • Maths teacher personal statement
  • Biology teacher personal statement
  • PE teacher personal statement
  • Psychology teacher personal statement

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Final Word

Well, now that you have gone through the personal statement on teaching writing tips and examples,

You have a better idea on how you should approach these crucial documents.

Hopefully, you will find this blog useful while drafting one for yourself.

You can also share your opinions and feedbacks regarding personal statement for a teaching job after reading this blog.

We would be happy to hear from you.


How long should a personal statement be for a teaching job?

The length of a personal statement for a teaching job should not exceed two sides of a single A4 page.

Who will check my personal statement for teaching job after application?

The selection committee or recruitment board of the respective institute would check your personal statement for teaching job after application.

Is there any validity for personal statement for teaching job?

Yes, your personal statement for a teaching job holds immense value during your application. This document helps aspiring teachers to stand out from other applicants in competitive scenarios.

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